Nissan Navara MTR Roll Cover

Our retractable roll cover adds style and security to your Nissan Navara. This is the world’s #1 tonneau cover. Assembled from quality, anti-corrosion aluminium. Field-tested in the toughest conditions. It’s lockable, weather-resistant and clamps right onto your truck bed – no drilling necessary. Everything you need to keep your tools and toys safe.

Product offered online does not include installation service.


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Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Protect your tray from the elements. Our integrated sealing and drainage systems keep out wind, rain, sand and snow.

Silver MTR

Silver MTR

Silver covers are a great match for white vehicles

Ready for Accessories

Ready for Accessories

Got extra gear? You can easily add cargo carriers, sports bars, tub racks or crossbars to your MTR Roll Cover.



  • Installation service is not included for online sales of MTR Roll Covers, if you require professional installation service please contact us and we will connect you will a provider in your area.
  • Mountain Top MTR Roll Covers can be installed at home by someone who is mechanically competent with hand tools.
  • The installation process does requires two people to lift the cover into place


Product Shipping Weight
Installation Time
120 mins
Dynamic Load Rating
75 Kg
Static Load Rating
Surface Finish
Textured Back Powdercoat or Silver Anodising

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