MTR Roll Cover

The MTR Roll Cover is the world’s #1 tonneau cover. Engineered in Denmark and field-tested in Australia, it’s retractable, lockable, weather-resistant and built from solid, anti-corrosion aluminium. Protect your gear from wind and rain. Adjust roll-back tension on the fly. Nothing keeps your truck bed safer.

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Easy installation

Easy installation

MTR Roll Cover clamps right onto your truck bed. Easy to install, simple to use, with a bumper plate fitted to the canister.

Weather resistant

Weather resistant

Protect your tray from the elements. Our integrated sealing and drainage systems keep out wind, rain, sand and snow.

Fully adjustable

Fully adjustable

MTR’s unique spring adjustment lets you customise the roll-back tension. Smooth and simple.

Ready for accessories

Ready for accessories

Got extra gear? You can easily add cargo carriers, sports bars, tub racks or crossbars to your MTR Roll Cover.


Surface Finish
Black Powdercoat or Silver Anodising
Shipping Weight
Installation Time
Load Rating
Rigorously tested by global carmakers

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