Mitsubishi Triton MTR Roll Cover

Our retractable roll cover adds style and security to your Mitsubishi Triton. This is the world’s #1 tonneau cover. Machined from solid, anti-corrosion aluminium. Field-tested in the toughest conditions. It’s lockable, weather-resistant and clamps right onto your truck bed – no drilling necessary. Everything you need to keep your tools and toys safe.

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Easy operation

Easy operation

Mountain Top Roll Cover clamps right onto your Triton’s truck bed. You don’t have to drill anything. It’s the only roll cover with spring-loaded adjustment, too, so you can personalise the roll-back tension.

Locked and loaded

Locked and loaded

The MTR Roll Cover locks into your Triton’s tailgate. Nothing gets in without a key. Not thieves, not wind, not water. Your tonneau cover is 100% weather-resistant, thanks to our sealing and drainage system.

Canister Size

Your Mitsubishi Triton deserves the best. Keep it safe with Mountain Top.

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Product Shipping Weight
Installation Time
120 mins
Vehicle Compatibility
Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015-2020, Mitsubishi Triton MR 2020+
Dynamic Load Rating
75 Kg or 150 Kg with Tub Bracing
Static Load Rating
75kg or 300 kg with Tub Bracing
Surface Finish
Textured Back Powdercoat

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