Accessory Rack 150

Accessory Rack 150 is a mid-height platform set up for your ute equipped with Mountain Top Roll Cover.

Ideal for the mounting of 4×4 recovery gear and other outdoor or trade accessories.

The 150 package includes Tub Bracing for increased load rating in both driving and parked situations.


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What's included?

What's included?

  • Mountain Top Tub Rack Mounts
  • Mountain Top Tub Bracing Kit
  • Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform
How does the tub bracing increase load rating?

How does the tub bracing increase load rating?

Engineered bracing takes the load on the Roll Cover side rails and passes it down to the strong areas at the base of the tub.

Why mount accessories over the tub?

Why mount accessories over the tub?

  • Better reach access
  • Separate secure and readily accessible cargo areas
Other Tub Rack Options

Other Tub Rack Options

  • We also offer a cross bar tub rack which we call our Adventure Rack 150
  • You can find it here Adventure Rack 150


Static Load Rating
Dynamic Load Rating
Tub Bracing Material
Powder coat over zinc covered steel
Platform Material
Tie Down Points
The original tie down points are retained
Installation Time
60 minutes

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