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Tub Lighting Kit

Touch activated lighting kit

Tub lighting kit

Light when you need it

a bright idea for your tub

Arriving late at the campsite or turning up before dawn at work, you’ll need to be able to see what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve created a solution that adds lights to the tub of your Ute fitted with a Mountain Top Roll Cover.




The base kit includes two lights, mounting brackets and a short loom if you have an aux power outlet or second battery already in your tub. You can easily boost the light by adding a second pair of lights.

If you don’t have power in your tub and need to take power from your engine bay, we have an extended loom for just this situation.

Mountain Top Tub lighting kit

Functional quality you can trust

We know you don’t only use your Ute during daylight hours. 
Just tap the lens to turn the light on in your Ute tub. The Lighting Kit also turns of automatically to save your battery.

Triton Lights_005

Touch activation – no switches

Touch the lens of the light to turn it on – it couldn’t be simpler.


Mountain Top Water Resistant Tub Lighting Kit

Weather resistant

Sealed light housings are designed specially for your Ute tub’s environment.

Mountain Top Tub Lighting Kit easy and fast installation

Bolt-on solution

Our Kit includes all the hardware required to mount the supplied lights to a Mountain Top Roll Cover.

Mountain Top Tub Light Kit with touch activation

Automatic off

Lights will automatically turn off to prevent draining your battery.

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