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Bed Management System

Multi Zone Cargo Management

Bed management system

Cargo Management when you need it, bed space when you don't

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Keeping your gear organised and safely stored in your Ute bed has never been easier. Our Bed Management System is the simplest, most versatile solution for cargo retention and protection available.

With the set of tough interlocking plastic panels you will get the simplest, most versatile bed management solution 

With Mountain Top’s Bed Management System you get a set of tough interlocking plastic panels that you can set up in many different ways, dividing the internal area of your Ute tub into individual compartments of various sizes. Now you can separate and retain anything you carry in your tub without having to tie down every single item.

two lashing straps

The Bed Management System is configured with two lashing straps. The lashing strap arrangement is ideal your priority is having quick access to the Bed Management compartments for fast loading and unloading.

bed managements system vs. drawers

Compared to drawers, the Bed Management System offers great flexibility:

Under 30 seconds you have a divided bed space

  • You can have a divided bed space when you need it – and in under 30 seconds, disassemble the Bed Management System and lay the panels flat on the floor of the tub if you need to carry larger objects.

  • Impervious to water, it can be used in an uncovered tub – unlike a draw system that’s covered in carpet.

  • No permanent modifications are made to your to the tub. No drilling or bolting through the tub’s sheet metal is required to use the Bed Management System.

  • The Bed Management System can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle, unlike a drawer system, which is typically vehicle specific

Mountain Top bed management system
Ready for any size of cargo

Mountain Top Bed Management System multi zone

Flexible storage

Configure your bed in more than 8 different ways or lay the panels flat for open bed space to carry large objects.

Mountain Top test center

Water proof

Non-absorbent panel material won’t be harmed by water and can be hosed down.​

Mitsubishi Triton with Mountain Top Bed Management System

No moving parts, nothing to go wrong

No bearings, latches or hinges to break.

Mountain Top Bed Management System

Easy non-drill installation

No permanent modification to the bed, no drilling or bolting needed.

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With R&D in both Denmark and Australia, all our customers can get the best of both worlds:
Danish quality design for Australian extremes.

With many compartments of different sizes, there’s always a spot for that box or bit of camping gear with the Bed Management System. Combine it with our Alu Bedliner for optimal Ute bed protection or one the Mountain Top tonneau covers for great security. 

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