mountain top
alu bedliner

Prepared to hard work

mountain top Alu Bedliner

Designed to handle extreme conditions

sturdy 5-bar aluminium checker plates

The Mountain Top Alu Bedliner has passed the test of time: It’s a Mountain Top classic that combines style and design with quality and functionality. Sturdy 5-bar aluminium checker plates and HD polyethylene make the Alu Bedliner lightweight yet strong and durable. It’s an indispensable accessory for any Ute that needs to handle tough work.

Dragging cargo in and out, destructive UV rays and harsh weather are guaranteed to quickly damage your Ute bed.  The rugged, resilient Mountain Top Alu Bedliner is engineered to provide maximum protection against the toughest use of your cargo area. You won’t have to worry about hard use and aggressive weather damaging its surface.


rugged appereance

With the Alu Bedliner you get an eye-catching design that adds a rugged appearance to your Ute. With the Mountain Top Alu Bedliner you keep your Ute bed looking great throughout your truck’s lifetime. It’s details like this that make all the difference in the long run. 

A small investment can make a positive impact on your truck’s resale value.

The ultimate Ute accessory to handle hard work

mountain top
heavy-duty custom-fit alu bedliner

Mountain Top Alu Bedliner Heavy Duty Aluminium surface

Heavy-duty aluminium

The heavy-duty aluminium on the floor, front panel and tailgate, in combination with HD polyethylene on the wheels and sides, provides the highest level of protection.

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The best solution for protection

An Alu Bedliner is the strongest bed protection on the market for hauling cargo and protecting your truck bed from permanent damage.

Mountain Top Alu Bedliner with safe surface

Safe surface

The checkered plate is designed with an embossed pattern on a plain surface which increases skid resistance.

Mountain Top Retractable Roll Cover with Alu Bedliner

Small investment increases resale value

Scratches or damage from harsh weather can be costly to repair. An Alu Bedliner is a small investment for long-lasting protection that can increase your truck’s resale value. 

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Add to your truck’s rugged appearance

The checker plate finish adds an extra tough appearance to your truck: The finishing touch for a Ute that can take serious punishment.

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Compatible Alu Bedliner products

The Mountain Top Alu Bedliner is compatible with all Mountain Top tonneau cover. Customize your Ute bed to fit all your needs

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